Healthcare Laboratory Technologists

Our clinical and medical laboratory technologist are full-licensed professionals with education and experience necessary to qualitatively perform tests on patients and/or analysis of samples. This assurance, using proper workflows and processes are performed (manually and via automated processes) utilizing certified LISs (Laboratory Information System) within HIS (Health Information Systems) enabling hospitals and labs to manage test requests, tests, tracking, and quality results for review by doctors for maximum quality and competence.


Overall, our resources cover the following areas:

  1. Clinical Pathology: Haematology, Histopathology, Cytology, and Routine Pathology
  2. Clinical Microbiology: Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, Immunology and Serology
  3. Clinical Biochemistry: Biochemical analysis, Hormonal Assays, Microbiological, Pathology and Haematology
Our resources provide services such as blood banking, testing & test result validation for patients.
Together, our teams help doctors make the correct decisions and approach.

Our teams provided the necessary analysis needed to ensure accuracy has been maintained.


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