Customer Satisfaction

ITHPMR understands the demands that successful organizations have and provide the necessary effectiveness, efficiency and excellence while performing contiguous due diligence for customer satisfaction. We measure the expectations and level of satisfaction among customers with regard to their products, services and expectations.

ITHPMR’s wealth of experience provides the tools to inspire change and adopt creative strategies for capturing excellent results. Our in-depth interpretation and analysis of customer satisfaction data will provide an organization with the insight needed sound and informed decisions for customer and relationship retention. The ITHPMR-EEE approach is our method for doing so.

Project Management Lifecycle Methodology


ITHPMR EFFICIENCY: To Provide for Customer Happiness

Project Management. People. Structure. Results.

ITHPMR understands what is needed in order ensure the best chance for success and satisfaction on a project by streamlining processes to help ensure success for the project, the team, and the customer.  In order to do that, focus is provided on the following:

  • Teamwork & Close Customer Engagement
  • Formal & Reoccurring Status Reporting for the Customer.
  • Formal Status Calls with the Customer & Delivery Teamand with your delivery team and have at least one formal call each week
  • On-Going Risk/Issue Management
  • Focal Point Effective Communication & Maintaining Strategic Alignment.

Managing teams of skilled resources and often demanding customers can be chaotic enough.  Ensuring that you have a regular schedule of expected project deliverables and communication points will definitely help you streamline your project processes.  And by creating more efficient and more reliable processes you are giving you and your projects greater chances for overall success as activities move and change rapidly.

ITHPMR is familiar with the latest technology, can manage projects your way and “dig in” when needed to maximize effectiveness. With this, we are able to manage resources, assess availability, level

ITHPMR knows how to use resources to achieve goals. to complete their tasks. Project Manager should keep an eye on the Resource Availability; are resources Overallocated? Is the Resource Usage curve smooth? Project Manager uses Resource Leveling as a tool to increase efficiency by eliminating Overallocation of resources and keeping almost constant or smooth use of resources throughout the span of the project lifecycle. When it comes to the Monitoring & Controlling phase the project manager tries to increase efficiency by resolving conflicts that may arise within project team, and by reviewing his team’s performance so as to enhance the overall performance of the project.

ITHPMR EFFECTIVENESS: Cost Effective Results for our Clients

Greater Staff Involvement. Success.

ITHPMR program and project managers have been trained and can train project teams and develop structured management techniques for success.

ITHPMR provides an approach whereby Effectiveness can be measured by the appropriateness of the goals that your organization is pursuing and the degree of achieving these goals. The scope is built around your goals and end-deliverables with a solid Scope Change procedure in place throughout the entire lifecycle. At the end of each phase, and before moving to the next phase, we verify and receive signoff of the deliverables to ensure whether the agreed upon scope is being met and to verify that the project in total is still appropriate and in line with the overall strategies of the company or the customer. With this continuous control over scope, corrective and preventive actions are taken to keep the project focused on the original plan or to update the plan itself to cope with the ultimate goals pursued by the customer or the sponsor.

Our program and project managers follow the 8 habits of effectiveness for success:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Clear Communication
  • Detailed Analytical Practices
  • High and Low Level Focus
  • Value Planning
  • Empatheticism
  • Self-Starting
  • Great Listening

ITHPMR EXCELLENCE: Perfection-Oriented Goals

Motivation. Efficiency. Success.

ITHPMR believes in excellence and works to provide perfection. With this, we believe in the importance of rewarding our teams for providing customer satisfaction with the ITHPMR-EEE Project Management Excellence Award recognizing and honoring individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the customer and who have demonstrated full leadership and initiative while advancing the project management environment within the customer’s environment: concepts, techniques, practices and theories. Overall, the fundamental premise of achieving ITHPMR excellence is by effectively and efficiently balancing the components of time, cost, scope, quality and expectation for the customer:


We coordinate and cooperate with all appropriate stakeholders and manage their expectations throughout the process. ITHPMR constantly looks for opportunities to create win- win relationships by negotiating work that must be accomplished.


Customer Satisfaction & Success is our Focus